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SAUC CBD E-Liquid - Sour Diesel - 300MG

Each bottle of SAUC is made with pure CBD Isolate derived entirely from US-grown non-GMO, pesticide-free, CO2 extracted Industrial Hemp Oil.

Organic terpene profiles are specific to the typical terpene profile of a certain strain of cannabis.

This e-liquid allows you to enjoy exactly what Cannabidiol (CBD) and Terpenes have to offer without any psychoactive effects. *There is absolutely no THC in this product*

  • Contains 300mg of CBD/10mg per ml

Ingredients: USP Kosher Vegetable Glycerin (60%), Bio-based (non-GMO corn) Propylene Glycol (40%), 99+% CBD Isolate (300mg), Organic Terpenes

Use as: Vapor Liquid


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